Mr Bean Mati Bunuh Diri?

mr bean

Sumber post di Facebook mendakwa bahawa bintang Mr Bean meninggal dunia selepas bunuh diri.

Rowan Atkinson dead? A Facebook post claiming that the Mr. Bean star died after committing suicide and that is making rounds on the internet.

The 61-year-old actor, who also gained fame for his comedic role in Blackadder, became the latest celebrity victim of a cruel online hoax. According to The Sun, a clickjacking site, Linkbeef, reported that Atkinson has taken his own life.

Apparently, the same site claimed that Atkinson’s publicist said that the comedian had been “battling severe depression” and he was struggling with alcohol and drugs problem. In addition, the questionable site claimed that Los Angeles Times released a report in September, informing the public that the actor went to rehabilitation to “fine-tune his sobriety.”

The outlet then claimed that the actor was found “unconscious and not breathing” at his family home in San Francisco. The Sheriff’s Office Coroner Division reportedly believe that Atkinson took his own life, but authorities need to investigate further to confirm that the cause of death is actually suicide.

However, debunked the Facebook post. The false claim was not meant to inform the readers, but it is obviously a scam, according to the media outlet. Once the user clicks the website, the reader will be redirected to a particular site that will attempt to gain personal information.

It is also believed that the story was copied and pasted from a previous hoax that stated Adam Sandler had committed suicide. With that being said, the actor is currently believed to be well and alive with his wife, Sunetra Sastry and their two children: Lily and Benjamin.

Rowan Atkinson has been the subject of numerous death hoaxes, most notably in 2012 when a Twitter post claimed that he had died in a car accident. In 2013, it was also reported that the famous comedian committed suicide after producer removed him from Johnny English 3. However, the actor just poked fun of the reports.


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